Making a difference in the lives of our youth and community.



We Push for Peace is a nonprofit organization that was started by Trahern Pollard to be a resource and advocate to those in the inner city.  On a broader scale, our mission is in the name of the organization “We Push for Peace”.  When there is an injustice in our community that is seen, we need to be able to step up, lead the way and help facilitate the change that is needed. 


On May 25, 2020, a man by the name of George Floyd, died, in the hands of the Minneapolis police department. We as a community, we as human beings, cannot un-see the horrific images.  However, what we can do, is peacefully, go after justice, accountability and the proper change that is needed so that these events stop happening.       


Along with continuously helping families that have been affected by COVID-19, we will also be focusing our efforts onto getting the justice our community needs at this critical time.  I will be holding rallies; engaging the public to hear all voices; working with leaders in our community  so that we can make sure justice and accountability prevails. 


If you would like to support, be a part of this cause, we are a 501c3 functioning nonprofit that is continuously thriving to make a difference in all areas of the community, and anything donated would be greatly appreciated.  Upon your donation you will receive a tax receipt for your records. 

Money raised will further our efforts in helping in lower poverty areas of Minneapolis. 

We have shirts for sale to help with our efforts.  Please see the different designs in the photo section and email if you would like to purchase or you may check out our online store (top right hand corner, click on the three lines).    

Would like to take time to personally thank Kimberly Feldbauer, from AECOM, an infrastructure firm, who reached out in support of We Push for Peace and our efforts.  It is companies such as these who are willing to invest in local 501c3 organizations that allow us to continue our outreach.  


Please check out our photo section for shout outs and big thank you's to all of you who donate your time , donations, compassion and love!! To all the future leaders and young adults, you are all inspirations!! 


Donations can be made via

Cash App to $wepushforpeace

Venmo to @Wepushforpeace-Pollard

Zelle to We Push For Peace


If you would like a tax receipt:

Please put your email address in the memo on Cash App or Venmo.  We would like to be able to send you a receipt for your generous donation.  Or you may email  your name/address to wepushforpeace@gmailcom and a tax receipt will be sent to you. 


Thank you all for your generosity!  It is because of all of you that we are able to make a difference in our community.


Trahern Pollard





Speaking Engagements
Having the opportunity to speak my truth, share my passion for creating assistance for all in the community, along with much needed change is what gives me great joy.  Working with our young people, our future leaders, who will make a difference in this world inspires me tremendously.  If you are in need of a speaker, with the same message I bring, please email or call me to arrange.

Community Resource


We are a resource to the community.  Our services range from holding job fairs; to assisting with resume writing; to offering resources to child support issues; to offering GED help and resources; and to assisting with food and household needs.

Community Activist 


We are committed to and continue to work with young men and woman on gang prevention and violence.   



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